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Painting the moon a little bit brighter.

Welcome to La Lune Art Studio! Here you will find a selection of unique furniture, a collection of fine art (original and prints) and an assortment of home decor and jewellery. All products are designed and made locally by members of La Lune Art Studio. We also offer a selection of art classes including regular group classes, one to one sessions and specialist workshops. Head on over to our contact page to get in touch!


This month's featured products.

Not A Peacock

Hop On Up

Ready and Waiting- Card


It all started with a mother and daughter’s passion for the creative world. 
Breaking free from the norm, mother (Yvonne) and daughter (Rose) embarked on a entrepreneurial  journey to open an art studio in the very creative town of Berkeley. The first of it’s kind in the historical town the local residents had doubts on how long it would last and just what La Lune Art Studio would bring to the town. With a determination to bring new life and colour to Berkeley, Rose and Yvonne began to introduce the local folk to new arts and crafts and soon became a host for the local crafts people’s products to sell. With Yvonne adding her own flair of original art work to the mix and Rose continuing with her passion of tailoring, designing and painting La Lune Art Studio soon developed into a quirky studio and shop used for workshops and an area to showcase local artisan's products. 
Rose and Yvonne are a solid team of two constantly criticising and amending each other mistakes but never failing to find the beauty in each others creations.

Where are we now? We are still in the same place and still creating new and exciting products and art work. Still painting, sewing and creating. Our world is always expanding and we now do not only sell in our studio and shop but also online. Check out our shop section and also our Etsy page to view all of our unique products and art works.



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