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Welcome to La Lune Art Studio! Here you will find a collection of two female visual artist’s work ranging from detailed wildlife drawings to expressive contemporary creations. All artwork is created by Yvonne and Rose, a mother and daughter collaboration to create the most exquisite pieces of quality art. Head on over to Our Products to view our range of original art and prints.


Pastels, graphite and coloured pencils. Our artwork uses a range of materials and surfaces. View the full collection here.


We are a mother and daughter duo both with an unwavering passion for art and the creative world. Our journey began back in 2014 when we opened our high street shop and studio in the heart of Gloucestershire. We created a hub for local artisans and crafters to showcase their amazing products whilst also providing us with a space to create our own wonderful selection of fine art, furniture and products. For five and a half years we ran our studio and shop focusing on local creators and providing creative opportunities such as art classes and workshops within our local area. Now, we have left our shop behind to focus on our own art and creations as well as expanding our reach to other areas of the UK. We ship our art work and products nationwide and internationally upon request. 


About us:

Yvonne has been practicing art for over 25 years after rediscovering her childhood passion and deciding to go professional. Yvonne’s passion has always been animals and animalistic behaviour and capturing the beauty and emotion within a pencil drawing. We now offer a selection of prints of Yvonne’s original work. Head on over to our Fine Arts page to check them out! 


Rose’s passion includes all things creative; from fine art to furniture, personalised crafts to photography. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Rose enjoys experimenting with a wide range of materials and concepts including drawing on wood, graphite and double exposure photography. Her most recent work can be viewed on her team page!


What can you expect from La Lune Art Studio? We don’t follow trends at La Lune Art Studio. Instead we create whatever our heart desires. This may mean that we touch on a few trendy art topics now and then but our core values will always be to draw and paint what we and our clients want, rather than what the art world determines. So, you can expect art that can be tailored to you whilst also expressing a little bit of us. 

To view our individual work follow the links below.

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