Painting your home a little bit brighter.

Paint La Lune paints and waxes began with an experiment of different techniques and decorations for our redesigned furniture.  As a long user of many furniture paint brands I began to experiment with my own mixes and ingredients to make paints and waxes that stood out from the rest.  These include shimmer waxes and varnishes, glitter and sequin paint and holographic glazes. 

The paints can be used on a wide variety of prepared surfaces, these include natural wood, sanded veneer, plywood and MDF.   Base paints of the same colour but glitter free can be used to pre paint the surface to reduce the layers of glitter paint used, therefor allowing more surface coverage. 

Varnishes can be used on prepared wood, natural wood and painted pieces. A soft and shimmer texture adds a subtle characteristic to any piece as well as ensuring the item is protected.

 Paint La Lune waxes have a base of natural ingredients including beeswax, similar to the varnish these waxes have a subtle colour shimmer and can be used to cover a full project or on accent areas to create an elegant distressed look.  These waxes have a harder texture than other furniture waxes available because of the natural ingredients, this makes the product last longer as only small amounts need to be used.  

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Please download our information pack for details on safety, how to use and recycling before the use of Paint La Lune products. 

All our packaging, labelling and mixing is done by hand in our studio. This sometimes means wonky labels and the odd dab of paint on the outside! This does not affect the use of the product it just adds to the handmade charm of PLL products. 


Paint La Lune products are packaged in sturdy PET pots and lids. We encourage all users of our products to either reuse the pots for non-edible or non-cosmetic uses or to return the pots to a supplier or us to reuse. For every pot returned we offer a 5% discount on another Paint La Lune product. 


The labels of our products are made of paper and not plastic which means they are easily removed and disposed of. 


Use any leftover PLL products on MDF or plywood shapes to make some funky keyrings or use on door knobs and handles to make some unique accent pieces!


Like what you see but would like a custom mix? No problem! We can mix a unique colour and glitter combination just for you. Get in touch below for more information.