• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Before The Storm - Pastel Tutorial - Part one and two

There's two videos for this tutorial! After taking approximately 5 days to upload The Green Lady onto Youtube we thought, you know what, it will take forever to constantly upload videos of this length if we are going to be doing more during this lockdown period. The answer came in the form of shorter videos uploaded over a few days.

Part one of this video set will be focusing on drawing a stormy/tempestuous (love that word) sky using pastels in blues, greys and white. Like the good old Bob Ross style we have the colours we used mentioned at the start of the video. They're not specific colours like Ultramarine Blue or Cadmium Red as there are so many pastel colours out there we thought you'd like to pick your own. So instead we have mentioned shades like mid grey and light grey. Spoiler: mid grey was used in the making of this video.

The pastels we use are Jackson's Art own soft pastels. They are absolutely gorgeous to use. Pigment rich and excellent to blend. Definitely worth the £2.10 price tag each. You could buy a pack of pastels for £27.50 but if it's your first time using these pastels then I recommend just getting the colours you need for a drawing. You can always build up your stash after you've used them.

Part two is the sea, waves and boat. This is such a gentle drawing with a paradoxically dramatic feel. The softness of the pastels lends itself beautifully to the heavy clouds and sea, whilst the edges of the pastels can also be used for the sharp detail of the boat. You'll see in the video how hard it is though to get a straight line but no using rulers! Yvonne will know...

Check out the first video here:

And the second one here:

Remember, once you've given it a go be sure to send me a photo on our instagram and we'll share it on our account!