• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Docking good day out. - 6th March/2020

The best way we thought to start our first week of Urban Structures/Landscapes month was to take our merry band of artists out for a stroll around the local docks. It's an interesting area with a bunch of disused cranes full of flaking paint and bright colours, unused buildings that look like prisons and a smattering of foliage that has yet to bloom for spring.

Thank the art lords that we were blessed with a good day. Considering the spell of bad weather Britain has had lately the heavens above blessed us with a bright, slightly hazy day with just enough cloud to add a little dramatic atmosphere to our photos.

It was a little nippy, but most people seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had a running commentary from Paul who told us all about the ship graveyard along the Severn River. Angela took many photos within the first half and hour and then wanted to go home and process them, a stern NO from Yvonne kept her walking along the bridge. And Marilyn found someone she knew and took some great photos of lichen and the industrial structures at the docks.

By far the favourite were the old cranes. They look like two industrial extras out of Swan Lake.

Together, we collected many a great photo and they will definitely make for some amazing pieces of industrial art. I'm pretty excited to see what everyone will come up with. Here's hoping for some abstract weirdness portraying those fabulous cranes, serene misty water with a vintage industrial edge and perhaps a spot of metal covered in linchen. It's the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact.

We topped the day off with a quick half (only a lemonade though, some of us had to drive) at the local pub to fuel us for our afternoon of hard, artistic slog.

Take a look at a few of the photos from Friday, don't our merry band of artists look great!

Back to the class room students, we have work to do.