• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Expression: Why we should all splat a bit of paint once in a while.

Me and paint go way back, although it hasn't always been easy sailing my relationship with paint is very much a love/hate situation. Sometimes I don't like paint, sometimes I can't get enough.

We've had some good times; I've cursed my paint for getting all over my lovely clean jeans, I made the air blue when I dropped my phone in a pot of paint... Twice. I've also created some of my best pieces with paint, pieces that I don't want to sell because they mean way too much to me.

I like splattering paint but I wouldn't say it's my chosen form of painting. However, this weekend I changed my mind. After seeing some paint splatter posts on Instagram I wanted to give it a little go. Whilst my heart rate was speeding up over what could be a waist of beautiful paint I chose to use the last scrapings of paints from tubes that I won't use and just see how it works with the colours I have.

I used:

1 x pot (which was a mistake)

3 x sticks or paintbrush ends

1 x brush (I think)

Bunch of paint

The colours I used depended on what I had but mostly I used oranges, pinks and a bit of blue.

I set up in the back garden with no protection for the slabs (oops, the patio needed a bit of colour anyway) with pre-painted black canvases (thanks Keira). Then I just started mixing and chucking the paint on.

I made a few mistakes which I didn't think was possible with this style of art, the first was not having enough pots. I kept washing the same pot after each colour, although on some I just didn't bother which made a nice mix of colours on the canvas. The second was doing it in the sun. With little shade in our garden the sun dried the paint really quickly, nice if you want to layer it up (which is what I ended up doing) not so if you want to mix the paint of the canvas. The third was bushing the paint in the centre after it had dried for a few minutes, on some places I was left with outlines of the dried splatters.

What is great about it though is the amount of fun I had! While my brother looked on with a horrified expression I was happily chucking paint here and there with a direction that become more apparent the longer I kept working, there was no plan, no mapping and no colouring inside the lines. I was able to express something that I can't get with a detailed pencil drawing. It was pure expression and by 'eck did I enjoy it.

I can't say it's something that I will do for the rest of my days but every now and then when I need to let off a little steam I'll be whipping out my paints and giving some canvases a little bit of colour. It's not everyone's cup of tea and that's fine.

The finished triptych.

Who knows? I may actually do this on some other surfaces, like denim jeans (they're covered in enough paint anyway so perhaps a few more splatters won't hurt), jackets, wall hangings and fabric...

--- If you like this piece you can find it here. Alternatively, you can also find a digital version on my Redbubble portfolio where it makes a fantastic phone case and a pair of leggings---