• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Don't you just love spring?

Don't you just love a bit of spring? The fresh air! The beautiful flowers! The sky opening up and it tipping down with hard, freezing cold splashes of rain whilst the wind rips your hood off and makes your hair look a mess. Ahh, spring.

Personally, I think spring is beautiful, even if the weather hasn't yet passed it's tempestuous phase. That's why over the last few weeks I've been slaving away at my drawing pad to create a spring inspired medley of designs. Appropriately named "Secret Garden" to entice warm, nostalgic memories of running through fields of flowers, tall whispering grasses and tripping over tree roots. Alright, maybe not the tree root thing.

Because I don't like to keep these designs stuck in my sketchbook I've loaded them all onto Redbubble and Society6 where you can find them on beautiful products such as t-shirts, phone cases, mugs etc.

Check out the few samples below, they'll show you what these designs look like on loads of products! Now available on our Redbubble and Society6 stores (under the name of BunchOfRoses), click the links below to take you to your flowery destination...

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Keep creating!