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Fractured Landscape- The not quite end results.

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Photoshop's magic ability.

October saw our first Fractured Landscape in Berkeley were we took an image of a local landscape (Hello Berkeley Castle) and smashed it all up. Just kidding, using the wonderful art of photoshop we manipulated it to resemble looking through a broken window. This took some time and a few blue words to get right but with 37 individual layers, times that by two to get the adjustment layers and we finally have an image we can copy from. I'm no wizard at Photoshop and I'm sure there was a simpler way of doing it but by the end I thought it looked pretty good.

Week 1:

For the first week we familiarised ourselves with the castle. It's not a very big castle but we still needed to be familiarised with it. Looking into the image we noticed a few things that you really wouldn't want in an image of a castle. For example, a satellite dish. It just doesn't fit in with the regality of a castle you know? Instead one ignored it and focused on a drunken chimney (Jane's words not mine). We sketched, we measured and we coloured. To make it more difficult we gave the participants the challenge of changing the colours from blues and greens (green is a forbidden colour in our courses) to autumnal colours like reds, oranges and browns and they all did very well!

Week 2:

Fragmentation time! Oh yes, the deceivingly tricky fragments. They took a little more getting use to than we thought but in the end everyone had picked 5 fragments and had begun to sketch in and position the castle. Working inside a shape is certainly different and can feel like drawing within the lines, however the finished fragments by themselves did actually look spectacular! See Carme's angular collection of fragments.

Week 3 and 4:

And so it began. Pencils at the ready, sharpeners in hand and rulers poised under the table for a sneaky measure. A workshop a little more difficult that originally thought has now reached it's final stages: the end product! Sadly, no-one managed to actually finish their end pieces as even though quiet reined over the class and concentration filled the hours there still wasn't enough time to fill in all the fragments. Never mind, I'm sure they'll get finished at home with a few glasses of wine and a slice of cake.

Check out all the images of the class and the end results!

What's next?

Our November workshop begins on the 8th of November and this month we will be focusing on Double Exposure! Check out the details here or get in touch to learn more.