• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

January 2020- What will it bring?

Well, it's the beginning of January already we have done... nothing.

Perhaps not NOTHING nothing, but mostly just a little online tidying up and preparation for our first 4 week workshop of the year. If I haven't mentioned it before (I totally have but I'll just mention it again), this month's course is set around the glorious, the beautiful and the downright amazing medium of graphite.

I love graphite. Graphite, graphite, graphite. It's beautiful and versatile and creates the most dynamic and dramatic pieces of art with only one medium. Artists sketch with graphite and put down initial thoughts with a pencil onto paper. Perhaps even a napkin if you are Pablo Picasso. Graphite is so much more than that! Have a search on iInstagram for graphite art and artists and you'll see what I mean.

Here's a few examples of our work over the last few months in preparation for our course.

First of all we have:

This is a work in progress called "Maria" (Found on our Work In Progress page found here)

Drawn with 2B and 6B pencils on a cream coloured background. This shows the amazing detail you can get with a very pointy pencil as well as the beautiful shading and blending you can achieve for the skin.

Next we have:

Temptation In Sight. Completed.

This was drawn will all levels of graphite from a standard 2B pencil to a 6B woodless, 9B Pitt, GrafCube, powder and a 4B mechanical pencil. You can tell I like to experiment. The apple is drawn with coloured pencils, not graphite.

A simpler one:

Entwined through thick and thin. Completed.

And finally we have:

Currently Unnamed as I haven't decided upon one yet. Completed.

Again, this was a multitude of mediums but an additional one I used was graphite putty. It's extremely messy but is perfect for a mess around and experiments with expressionism.

So, as you can see graphite is a lot more expressive than the initial sketches of a piece of art. It can come in many forms: pencil, woodless pencil, sticks, powder and putty. It can create the most dramatic and dynamic to the most subtle and gentle pieces of art you can image.

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Graphite course with La Lune Art Studio begins on the 10th of January at the Union Church, Berkeley.