• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Nature, what does it mean to you?

Our garden this summer has been jam packed with florals. It's like a flower comet from another planet decided to drop in on our Californian Poppies and Hollyhocks and decided to give them a little boost. After watching the 9 o'clock news this morning it is not just our florals that have been drinking a bit too much Redbull. According to some scientist and horticulturist this year has seen our blooms bloom a little more. Blooming marvellous wouldn't you say?

I love nature and I really don't think you need to travel the world to find a good splash of colour and a few buzzing insects. Even if it's a lovely hanging basket or a simple aloe vera plant on your windowsill that you are trying so, so hard to remember to water. Speaking from experience of course.

Nature and the colour green do go hand in hand and we all know Yvonne's opinions on the colour green in art. But you'd be hard pushed to draw or paint something to do with nature without even the smallest brush stroke of green. It is possible though, when I take photos of flowers in our garden I like to edit them by bringing down the saturation on the greens. To me, it reduces the starkness and brightness to mute it, allowing the colours of the flowers to really pop.

Take a look at these:




No.1: I mean, yikes. Wham, bam no thank you ma'am.

That's the original unedited photo, I'm no photographer really and I can't remember the settings I had it on (it was manual though, just in case you were wondering) but to me that beautiful little flower and cutie bee is drowned out by the gaudy, overly bright green.

No.2: Better, don't you think? You focus more on the flower and the lovely pink that it is. The green isn't over powering but does give enough hint of colour if you did want to include it in your drawing/painting.

No.3: Okay, so I probably went a little too far with the reduction of the saturation for this one and it made the green really quite dull. On the bright side you can see the flower more.

I think the happy medium there is No.2. Just enough balance to bring the flower and bee (I named him Burt) to your attention whilst letting the green foliage frame the picture rather than control it.

Whilst we have the nice weather take the chance to view nature and really study it. From the delicate pinks to the bright yellows, cornflower blues and buzzing little bees soaking up the sun. I found a real appreciation for nature in lockdown, I think it's something that we took for granted when we were all rushing about in our busy lives. Just looking out of my window and seeing the happy pops of colours really lifted the day up a little. Especially during the days I needed it most.

Here's a few more snaps, feel free to use them as reference for your own art!

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