• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Oh I do love a good arty workshop.

I can't believe it's nearly March. MARCH. Two months of 2020 gone already and we are now 2 workshops through the year. We have a lot planned for 2020 so they is no time to waste when it comes to the furious drawings and paintings we will inflict on our lovely, bubbly art class.

Here's what we have in store for March:

Ah yes, including a half day out on the docks we hope to the high heavens for good weather (fingers crossed).

April brings us a rather bright month:

It's an important subject to do! Do you know the four primary colours and how different hues can dictate the colours you make?

We're all open for May.

Personally, I might draw an open door.

June is the month of Gemini which is quite apt for our portraits month...

Faces; what we see all day yet also quite a difficult thing to draw.

Fast pace July with movements and figures.

Now this one will be a fun one. I can't wait for this.

And we're back with Mixed Media for August.

There was a lot of interest for mixed media and our February class has done splendidly well with this topic. So of course we are running it again!

That's our plan for the next 6 months of our art courses. Great, aren't they? If you are interested in having a go please feel free to pop us a message and get in touch. We'll welcome you with painted arms, pencils in hand and a nice cup of tea!