• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

One Smile - A video and a message.

Have you ever heard of that chain reaction story where a stranger smiles at another stranger and they in turn smile at another stranger etc. and that smile makes their day? I often think about that in our small town where everyone seems to know everyone. I could smile at someone not knowing who they are but they might know my entire life story. That being so, my smile might just brighten up someone's day a bit.

To me art isn't only about how pretty a picture is or how big a statue is. Art is about messages, evoking emotions and making the viewer think. Like Starry Night for example, with Van Gogh's unique representation we are transported to his own world at night. We think about what he saw and how he felt and that makes us feel in return.

I think that's why some abstract pieces just don't light my arty fire. Especially if they have been given wildly ridiculous names like "Come With Me" that would probably make me turn and run the other way.

I've lost count of how many art pieces of women I've seen that doesn't actually portray a happy woman. Sure there's beautifully drawn/painted images of women but very few that show smiles. Proper smiles, happy smiles that make you want to smile too. If a piece of art can make you smile then isn't that a nice way to pass a smile onto a stranger?

There's no harm in a smile, there's no harm in trying to make someone smile. So there's a good reason to draw smiles. I thought I'd spend a few days drawing a smiling women. I like to think that she's just achieved something that makes her proud of herself. Like landed that dream job or brought her first house etc.

To be honest, it took longer than I expected. Even though I was drawing on about a 1/3 of my usual size. The end result and accompanying video I didn't think was too bad and those who know me personally or have been following my instagram accounts know just how much I love my graphite. Check it all out below and unframed prints of "One Smile" can be found here: One Smile- Unframed Prints

Thanks for reading, have a great day! :)