• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Seeing Double - Double Exposure

Double exposure: Seeing Double

And so we come to the end of another course, I’ll just wipe away a few tears for the long, hard seven weeks. During those amazing weeks we’ve been sketching and painting and colouring and drawing double exposure images. Our topics of conversation have ranged from Brexit (who couldn’t mention THAT topic at the end of this year), who’s to play the next James Bond (personally we’d like Tom Hiddleston, just incase the director is reading this) and next year’s subjects of cranes and graphite.

We had everything from Lady Gaga to a howling wolf, Clifton suspension bridge to a New York subway and finally we saw a horse and Cillian Murphy (he didn’t make a physical appearance but if he wants to we certainly wouldn’t mind, especially Lin) and each one has been unique, entrancing and drawn to the best ability of our class members. You would think that 4 hours every Friday would be quite hard to manage and to stay concentrated for that amount of time but once the tea has been handed out, music on and a mince pie to the side it’s pencils up and ready to go! And you can tell the effort and work put into each piece.

Now, we knew this would be a toughie. It was a new concept and one that would require working from two reference photos. Drawing from one is hard enough but two and have to combine them together at the end? Watch the pencils about to erupt with fire.

Here's what everyone did:

Carme created a perfect medley of snow capped trees and a howling wolf drawn with tints of frosty blue. You can just imagine the crisp winds and smell of pine needles. Carme used paint and pencil on a wooden canvas, one of our favourite surfaces to use.

Lin took two images of a horse’s eye and a rather dashing photo of Cillian Murphy in the popular show Peaky Blinders. It’s fair to say Lin has quite the crush on Mr. Tommy. Anyway, drawn in pencil throughout, Lin decided she wanted to draw the images separately and then cut out Mr. Murphy and stick him in the horse’s eye rather than draw them together. A little final editing and the image will come together. It’s quite hard to draw the eye of horse but Lin coped extremely well!

Annette’s has got to be the most subtly beautiful photo I created and her drawing with pencil and pastels just capture that eerie and ghosty sensation of a woman and her spirit animal, the leopard. Annette can draw animals really well and so to add the lady behind created a little challenge for her, turned out quite well!

Angela is like a whirlwind. Never have we seen so many sketches, broken pastels and dirty sleeves in our classes! Oh, but it’s so good. Angela really took the sketch it until it’s right quite literally and produced many drawings of Clifton Suspension bridge. In the end, the final piece combines a young man and a foggy suspension bridge. What we loved most was the detail of the bridge, all the lines we added in with highlights. The little pops of blue help lift the monochromatic tones of the warm silver and greys. Angela hates using black but look how well and striking it has been used in this piece!

Finally, Marilyn. Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn! Never afraid to go bigger, be bold or mix a new colour of paint. A totally unique photo showing Lady Gaga with a subway train reflecting in her glasses and face is Marilyn’s double exposure piece. A very difficult draw but from the first sketch you can just tell how amazing this will be. It’s not yet finished but we know soon it will be!

So, that concludes our Double Exposure course and concludes the end of 2019’s lessons with La Lune Art Studio. Next year we begin on the 10th with our Graphite course and personally I can’t wait because I love graphite. If you’d like any more information or would like to book a place (limited spaces available) contact me via our email address of the contact form on our website.

Have a very merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2020!