• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Small Businesses: We're ready for Christmas, will you help us?

It's started, the build up to Christmas is here. Selection boxes are in store, wrapping paper is on sale and Cadbury's Festive Friends peer at me when I go to by my shopping.

Even I have already bought 2 Terry's Chocolate Oranges. I'm considering forgetting to stock pile toilet rolls and pasta and instead stock pile chocolate oranges. You know, just in case we go into Christmas lockdown.

As much as I love traipsing around the department stores I think it may be a bit obvious that it won't be happening as much this year. My aim this year is to shop small and handmade.

We're a small business, we have been since we opened shop all those years ago. We create our own brand of products and art and we sell them to individuals who hopefully love what we do. For the moment, we only stock in a small amount of shops.

We've supported small businesses plenty of times over the years, from buying in their products for our shop, using their services or just personally buying from them for our own gifts. I remember this lovely seller who made the most gorgeous beaded Swarovski necklaces, glad to say my nan was happy with her gift that Christmas.

One small business supporting many others.

There's many types of small businesses and there's many ways you can support them. Simple things like sharing their Facebook and Instagram posts to your friends and putting a quick comment on their posts to say how much you love their work. That's supporting in the little ways that can help in a big way. Then of course you can hire/buy from them for things that you might usually go to a big store for. Instead of bulk buying Christmas gifts from one store, research and find local, small businesses to buy from. I always find it much nicer and caring to buy something that is handmade or personalised to the one that I am buying it for than something generic that many other people may have.

With our current economical shi- uh, crisis now more than ever will the small businesses of this country need your support. The self-employed will need your support. Your local businesses will need your support.

As Christmas is coming up (yeah alright, I can't deny it) now is the perfect time to support these wonderful people who do their best to support themselves, They need your commitment and love for their work.

Check out below a selection of small businesses I have gathered mostly from local sellers but there may be a few that are a little further away. Go pop them a follow or like on their website/social medias!

When finding a small business, especially on Etsy or NuMonday, check and see if you can buy from their website first. Etsy incurs a cost to every item that is sold and can sometimes cost the seller more than it costs to sell on their own website.

Spicy Hay Crafts

Love, LOVE these handmade masks by Kate at Spicy Hay Crafts. They're super soft, triple layered and lightweight. We're a bit bunny mad in our household so of course we brought 3 bunny printed masks...

1111 Creative House

Facebook link above

This is the best time to support a newly opened business, especially now and before Christmas. Check out 1111 Creative House in Churchdown, Gloucestershire for some pretty nice gifts for Christmas. Or just because you want to treat yourself?


Maps, stars, typography, song lyrics... A whole bunch of personalised prints for you to give as a fantastic gift for you special people this year. I think they're great especially the star maps, obviously.

Poppy Glass Studio

Poppy Glasss Studio exhibited at this year's Tyndale Arts Week and I really liked these stained glass butterflies. They're so pretty and make fantastic decor. Not only does Meg do wonderful pieces like this (including a mosaic glass guitar light) but she also teaches, so perfect for that post 'rona hobby.


How could you no like this little fella? Hand painted and made in Bristol I think Sarah's creations are fantastic. You should take a look at the little ghost earrings, so adorable.

La Lune Art Studio

I mean, come on. Of course I was going to put us in here! Got to have a little free advertising on my our blog page now and again. So don't forget, we have many a product and gift worthy items on our website. You won't find us on Etsy, you'll always get the best price and the finest quality from us!

I'll keep updating and adding more small businesses as the come along or I find them. If you run a small business and would like to be added to this list be sure to get in touch!