• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

The Green Lady - Yes... Green.

I know, Yvonne used the colour green. I was just as shocked as you.

In our art household, green is like a swear word. Something you say when you drop a paint brush onto clean jeans, or you break the nib of your favourite pencil. "Oh ******* green! Curse you green! Too greening bad." Granted, it's not as effective of getting rid of your frustrations than other taboo words but it does the job here.

So when Yvonne cracked out the green pastels and said I'm going to draw a lady in green I just knew, I had to film it. If anything just to use it as evidence for the future and say "You know that time you used green? Yeah, it's as shocking as that."

We thought, as we are all in lockdown that we'd make a sort of tutorial out of it. I say 'sort of' because it's not step-by-step instructions on how to draw this. More of a guided this is how we did it.

Even thought green was used for this drawing and a grey paper was used as a surface you could use what ever colours and paper you like, go bold with neon pink or go subtle with powder blue. It's up to you!

The video is about 30 minutes long, so feel free to pause and do each section at your own pace. And don't worry too much about accuracy, this is an impressionistic piece and not detailed. Get used to the feel and texture of the pastels and have fun!

Please give it a try and send me your finished results on our Instagram page! La Lune Art Studio

Happy drawing ✏️