• Rose-Marie Marshall-Jane

Who watched Life Drawing Live last night?

Little Warning: Small amount of nude life drawing ahead.

Tuesday evenings pretty much suck for TV. There's not much on and frankly it's usually quite boring. So when Life Drawing Live popped up on BBC 4 we thought ooh! How interesting, let's watch it.

I've never taken a life drawing class in my life, I love drawing the human form especially hands (yes I know, many people hate drawing hands and feet but not me. Odd human that I am.) so I knew this was going to be quite the interesting Tuesday night.

Online at bbc.co.uk/arts they had a live pose cam where us drawers could draw along. It's worth noting that I didn't have a fancy easel to pop my paper on nor was I drawing on anything larger than A3. I was also balancing my laptop on one leg and the drawing pad on the other. Oh, and a glass of wine on the arm of the chair.

Armed with my wine and 6B graphite as soon as the poses decided to come up on the laptop screen (there was like a 2 minute delay, so annoying) I started furiously scribbling away with my pencil to get everything I could down within the time frame. Scribble, scribble, scribble. Blend, blend, blend. I ended up with some rather... interesting pieces.

Take a look below:

Drawing One

I say I like drawing hands but that doesn't mean I'm good at drawing them. Although I quite like the knuckles. The thumb looks a bit too much like an chipolata, it needs a bit of fattening up to reach the pork sausage size.

Drawing Two

This one I lOVED doing. Foreshortening is my new favourite word (sorry discombobulation). Just look at those tootsies! My mum couldn't stop laughing at the length of my arms but I was half way through a glass of wine by then so 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Drawing Three

There was no way I put enough graphite on this piece to be able to deal with the tonal stuff Daphne and Lachlan kept going on about. Still, with a bit of practice this could of worked better. Notice how I leave the face out? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Drawing Four - by now all wine has gone.

It wasn't until I had finished that I realised how awkward her hand placement is. Totally not on purpose, nope, definitely not. Fabric looks nice though doesn't it?

That certainly brightened up my Tuesday evening and was an interesting start to my life drawing. I enjoyed the quick scribbling, listening to Daphne and Lachlan rip the artist's work to pieces and I definitely think that having a glass of wine helps. Oh what I wouldn't give for a good criticism by ol' Daphne.

Kudos to the models, they all sat fantastically for the live show and created some amazing poses!

Well, I look forward to next week...