Bonnie Hare - Original Drawing

Bonnie Hare - Original Drawing

Part of a collection of 4 original drawings by Yvonne Marshall-Jane at La Lune Art Studio called The Berkeley Collection. Bonnie Hare is the second original drawing out of the four showing stunning female hare wearing the lady’s jacket of Berkeley, Gloucestershire. She wears a navy blue jacket with a maroon collar. Also available in this collection is Berkeley hare who wears the jacket of Berkeley, the Berkeley Fox and The Berkeley Hound who wears the green hounds jacket. 


Prints are available of all 4 drawings however we are offering the unique opportunity for you to be the one who owns the original and only Bonnie Hare.


Dimensions: 24" x 37"


Framed in a black frame with gold edging and mounted with a black and blue double mount. The glass is quality non-reflected glass. 



Shipping only to the UK however for international shipping please do contact me for more options.