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Cream Tea PAINT La Lune Furniture Paint

Cream Tea- a light cream colour with subtle sparkle effect, perfect to create a light piece of furniture while showing a dazzling personality piece!


Paint La Lune paints and waxes began with an experiment of different techniques and decorations for our redesigned furniture.  As a long user of many furniture paint brands I began to experiment with my own mixes and ingredients to make paints and waxes that stood out from the rest.  These include shimmer waxes and varnishes, glitter and sequin paint and holographic glazes. 


The paints can be used on a wide variety of prepared surfaces, these include natural wood, sanded veneer, plywood and MDF.   Base paints of the same colour but glitter free can be used to pre paint the surface to reduce the layers of glitter paint used, therefor allowing more surface coverage.