The faces of La Lune Art Studio.



Owner and Creator

I’m Rose, art and being creative has always been a passion of mine. When I was twelve I was gifted a pack of glitter glue tubes. Being the messy child that I was (and the messy adult that I am now) I squeezed one tube of glitter glue quite hard, not realising you have to cut the top off first. Glitter glue shot out the top coating the walls, ceiling and furniture in a lovely array of silver glitter. Understandably, my mum wasn’t pleased. It was written in the moon and stars that I would pursue a career of art and creative mess. I brought my mum along with me and together we paint the world a little bit brighter. 


Resident Artist

Art has always been my passion, especially animals and animalistic behaviour. I found my forte in pencils and dry mediums as I love the detail you can achieve with a precise, sharp pencil. I never trained at art school or went to college, instead I rediscovered my childhood passion for art just after I had my children. I haven’t put a pencil down since. Working with my daughter is certainly exciting but there’s nothing I like more than seeing my daughter flourish in something that she enjoys doing.